Hydraulic cylinder SQMP5100450050K3S110

From: 391.52 Excluding VAT

Delivery time: 30 days
Article: 111.001.801
Included in delivery:

Head plug on feet SQFC10056

49.30 Excluding VAT

Head bush sleeve SQFCB10045

21.80 Excluding VAT

Front bushing flange SQRFL10045

20.46 Excluding VAT

End plug SQBC10056

41.17 Excluding VAT

Spherical swivel plug SQBCSS10056

114.54 Excluding VAT

Front damper SQFCP10045

5.84 Excluding VAT

Cylinder tube SQCHT115100S0050

38.59 Excluding VAT

Cylinder rod SQCR10045S0050

37.36 Excluding VAT

Piston SQPST10045

31.13 Excluding VAT

Threaded stud SQTRNK010056S0050 × 4

3.40 Excluding VAT / pc.

Nut М16-6 H.8.019 ISO4032 × 4

0.40 Excluding VAT / pc.

Washer 16 × 4

0.20 Excluding VAT / pc.

Seal KIT SQSK10045

15.33 Excluding VAT

Hydraulic cylinder assembly and testing service SQ100.45 – optional



Bores and piston rods: Ø 25 to Ø 200 mm bores are available to enable a vast choice according to required force.

Cushioning: on request, gradual and adjustable cushioning devices can be fitted in the front and/or rear ends of the cylinder without affecting overall dimensions. The special design of the cushions ensures optimal repeatability also in the event of variations in fluid viscosity.

Cushioning devices are always recommended as they ensure impact-free stopping even at high speed thus reducing pressure surges and impact transferred to the mounting supports. For all the available bores, cushioning is adjustable by means of a needle.

Connections: the cylinders are supplied as standard with cylindrical BSP threads and spot facing for seal rings in compliance with ISO 1179. Connections which are oversized compared to those shown in the dimensional tables are available upon request. For further information and for the order identification code, please consult our technical office. For correct cylinder operation, fluid velocity must not exceed 5 m/s.

Connection position: standard positions of the oil ports, cushioning adjustment screws, breathers and end-stroke proximity sensors are shown in the relevant diagram according to the mounting style. Connection positions different from the standard can be provided upon request.

Stroke: standard cylinders are available with strokes up to 6000 mm.

Stroke tolerances are:

  • 0 + 1 mm for strokes up to 1000 mm
  • 0 + 4 mm for strokes up to 6000 mm

Tie rod tightening torque: if cylinder has been disassembly, reassemble it and tighten the tie rod lock nuts cross-wise applying a gradual torque up to the value 70kH.

Breathers: on request cylinder ends can be supplied with breathers for the elimination of air. This is necessary when the entire stroke is not used or when connections are not facing upwards.

Surface finish: standard cylinders are supplied painted with black (RAL 9017) and blue (RAL 5017) colours with a paint thickness of 40μ. The rod is chromed, with the thickness not less 22 mkrn.

Technical specifications

Pressure, MPa


Bore dia, mm


Rod dia, mm


Stroke, mm




Seals brand


Seals material


Hydraulic liquid

mineral oil

Working temperature


Max speed

0,5 m/sec


A 45 mm; B 45 mm; C М42х2; D 130 mm; E 3/4"; F 22 mm; G 69 mm; H 55 mm; I 58 mm; J 62 mm; K 30 mm; L 35 mm; M 50 mm; N 182 mm; O 9 mm; P 25 mm; Q 88 mm; R 298 mm; S 379 mm;

Standard accessories

A — Nut (4pcs) ; B — Washer (4pcs) ; C — Threaded rod (4pcs) ; D — Mounting flange (1pcs) ; E — Bushing front cover (1pcs) ; F — Front cover (1pcs) ; G — Rod (1pcs) ; H — Front cushion plunger (1pcs) ; I — Piston (1pcs) ; J — Tube (1pcs) ; K — Back cover (1pcs) ; L — Cap for threaded holes (2pcs) ; M — Male clevis plug (1pcs) ; N — Lubricator (1pcs) ;

Delivery conditions

  • Packing: cartone box;
  • Waranty: 12 month;

Why choose our company?

Average service life - up to 5 years
Warranty up to 30 000 cycles
Products are certified according to requirementsй EAC and EC
More than 17 repair center in Europe
Production of non-standard cylinders according to your drawings and dimensions
Manufacture of cylinder parts from 42CrMo4 and stainless steel
Operating temperature from -50°С...to +120°С, (-58°F...to 248°F)
We use of standard components and parts


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